Lidget Compton Deluxe Range



Apex Widths from 8’6″ (2.591mt) to 26’6″ (6.248mt)

Pent & Pent Mansard Widths from 8’6″ (2.591mt) to 20’6″ (6.248mt)

Pent & Pent Mansard Lengths from 14’3″ (4.343mt)  to 28’3″ (8.524mt)

Apex Lengths from 14’3″ (4.343mt)  to 28’3″ (8.524mt) + 2′ increments



Prices includes the following:

  1. Georgian power coated up/over door.

  2. 3′ steel personnel door.

  3. uPVC Fascias

  4. uPVC 4′ fixed (non-opening) window.

  5. Guttering both sides on Apex, rear only on Pent & front & rear on Mansard with choice of White,Brown & Black

  6. Coloured fibre cement roof sheets on Apex garage, Choice of six colours.

  7. Pent roof – Full length galvanised steel roof sheets (up to 20’3″ long) Grafo-therm anti-condensation treatment, Rigid C-section galvanised rafters.

  8. Pent Mansard roof – As the Pent but with Metro-tile front elevation with a choice of 6 colours.

  9. Hand pointed real brick front posts, choice of 4 brick colours.

  10. Sand & cement internal fillet



Timber weather bar